General dermatology and venereolgy

  • Dermatological examination of children and adults
  • Acne treatment
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of moles with dermatoscope (Foto Finder)

    Fotofinder ATBM® is the gold standard in dermoscopy, recommended by the world's top dermatologists. With Fotofinder ATBM® system, we monitor the development of each individual mole and general skin condition of the body. Completely automated system for early skin cancer diagnostics, for monitoring skin changes in only a couple of minutes of the screening duration.

  • Skin tumor removal (radiosurgery, excochleation, cryotherapy)
  • Mycological analysis: native microscopic preparation and fluorescent lamp examination
  • Hypostatic ulcers treatment
  • Patch testing with a series of standard allergens
  • Venereological examinations
  • Laser removal of thread veins and pigment lesions